Saturday pie

From The Wartime Kitchen:

Butter the bottom and sides of a pie dish and spread a layer of mashed potato, in the bottom. Add a layer of chopped cold meat, seasoned with salt and pepper, a little onion and a dusting of herbs. Arrange another layer of potato and meat and add a little thick gravy. Cover the dish with a crust and cook until pastry is done.



I was reminded a few months back, about one of my favourite places in Norfolk ~ Stiffkey. I have some incredible memories, of family days out, walking over rickety wooden bridges, jumping over the smaller salt marsh dykes and being rewarded with a massive expanse of sand, with the sea way off in the distance. It’ll always remain close to my heart.

Honey ice cream

From The Wartime Kitchen:

This is definitely one of the easiest, cheapest and most delicious options, folks came up with back in the day.


1 qt. thin cream

3/4 cup honey


Simply mix the two ingredients together and freeze until solid.

Inked ATC blanks

One of the benefits of having a sports fanatic for a husband, is you get plenty of time to craft.

I stumbled across a blog this morning, that was discussing different techniques, for creating pretty background papers. As I didn’t have the prerequisite supplies and had planned to make some ATCs, I decided to go rogue.

I found some textured card, which I cut into 2.5” x 3.5” pieces. I took a plastic coated playing card and pulled it across some gradient ink pads. I used the playing card to apply the ink to the ATC blanks, which produced both textured and mottled finishes. I then added some handmade toppers, to finish them off.

Messy fun

Our original plans had to be scrapped, due to ill health and lack of sleep.

After a slow start to the day, I decided it was time for some messy fun. I’d signed up for a string pull ATC swap, but had no idea just how complex they were. The results vary so much, depending on thickness and coarseness of string, fluidity of acrylic paint and if like me you wanted mirror images, amount of pressure used.

The final results were unique, but nothing like the demonstrations I’d watched. I felt the designs were colourful enough, so finished them off with subtle yellow outlines, down the edges.

A very sad day

It’s been an awful day. Our beautiful Tia had major surgery 2 weeks ago, to remove a cancerous tumour from her mammary glands.

The lump was sent away for a biopsy, but unfortunately the results came back stating the margins weren’t clear and thus the cancer could’ve spread.

We’re in the process of looking into all options, but the prognosis isn’t good. We’re extremely lucky to have such good vets, holding our hands throughout this devastating time.